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Our goal is to create and provide a distinct, high-standard service for the comfort and satisfaction of our customers.

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By connection with our new generation consumer services- No Cost you can get all benefits of Wish Scent . Our technician brings, installs and maintains Eco-Aroma diffusers or Eco-Passive as required in your business

Our free monthly services...!

Full installation

Our service technicians install and maintain diffusers as required in your business.

Fragrance replacing

We maintain the equipment and replacing fragrance of your choice every 30 days.

Fragrance wicks replacing

The fragrance absorbs with paper strips(wick). Our service technicians change wicks evey 30 days.

Battery change

The Eco-Aroma fan is working with battery and every month we change the battery to make power full airflow for diffuse fragrance.

Diffuser cleaning

Every month we clean and check the diffuser,fan and smart switch to work well.

Customer's care

Wish Scent has a great possible service for customers all the time.

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