Our Scents

We are fortunate to be born with a sense of smell that helps us identify different scents.

The sense of scents

The fortunate ones among us are born with a sense of smell that helps them identify different scents. Besides our signature aroma, we use various fragrances that leave a lasting impression on other’s memory. But sometimes we fail to find that one particular fragrance which accentuates our personality.

Our natural essential oils fragrances

All Wish Scent essential oil diffusion fragrances conform to currently established regulations limiting volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.s). Freshener refills contain no formaldehyde, no additives or known carcinogens. They contain the finest essential oils and aromatic ingredients. most of these ingredients are considered to be GGRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) and are used directly from flowers, wood, leaves, bark, fruits, seeds, peel, roots, herbs and other plant elements or indirectly in food product, cosmetics and fine perfumes.

Essential liquid & solid contain the finest essential oils and aromatic ingredients for full 30 days.

Wish Scent’s super compounded odor counteractants have been scientifically formulated to absorb, neutralize and eliminate malodors through evaporation and chemical diffusion, adding a delightful fragrance of your choice.

Our Classic solid wafer, air freshener refills are best idea to make fresh ambient and provide 30 full days of set and forget performance.

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