The perfect way to control odors discreetly and easily.

How does the Eco-Passive work.

The Eco-Passive air freshener system the perfect way to freshen air and control odors in smaller spaces. The Eco-Passive can be placed just about anywhere, specifically it’s best utilized in very smaller spaces such as elevators, lockers, under desks, trash bin lids, hotel rooms, foyers, small restrooms, porable toilets or wherever discreet odor control is required. As a passive air freshener, it utilizes natural air and evaporation, so no batteries are needed.

Holds just Wish Scent 30-days reffil types including Classic solid wafer.

Features and advantages

  • Compact design
  • No batteries needed
  • Utilizes natural air and evaporation
  • Accommodates 30 days refills
  • Economical

Eco-Pssive No Cost

By connection with our new generation consumer services-No Cost you can get all benefits of Wish Scent .Our services technicians bring, inistall and maintain Eco-Aroma diffusers as required in your business. What is included in our monthly services?

We replenish the aroma of your choice (see scents), verify correct diffuser operation and make any repairs to the diffusers (including due vandalism).

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