A high performance air care system for professionals brands.

Advanced fan diffuser

The Eco-Aroma fan air freshener system is built for neutralizing tough airborne bad odors, aroma enhancement for any area any commercial, industrial hotel, lobby, carshow room, shop, dressing room, gallery, healthy&fitness, SPA, casino or municipal environment.

Holds just Wish Scent 30-days reffil types including Classic liquid can and Classic solid wafer.

Features and advantages

  • Compact size & stylish look
  • Scientifically-engineered air flow
  • Vertical fan design outperforms other designs
  • Silence diffuser
  • Dust resistant plastic
  • Accommodates 30 days reffils/liquid can & solid wafer
  • 24h/30 days working

Eco-Aroma No Cost

By connection with our new generation consumer services-No Cost you can get all benefits of Wish Scent. Our service technicians bring, install and maintain Eco-Aroma diffusers as required in your business. What is included in our monthly services?

We replace the battery, replenish the aroma of your choice (see scents), verify correct diffuser operation and make any repairs to the diffusers (including due to vandalism).

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