Classic Solid Wafer

Providing superior Set-It-And-Forget-It air care performance.

Classic solid natural

Our Classic solid wafer, air freshener refills are best idea to make fresh ambient and provide 30 full days of set and forget performance. Just discover how to improve your business bottom line.

How do the fragrance reffils work?

The fragrances are available in soild wafer and it is integrated with Eco-Passive, Non-spill-Non-mess-Non wicks to set the fragrance. Made from natural fiber materials and infused with pure fragrance oil.

Features and advantages

  • Economical fragrance
  • Signifacant reduction in cost
  • Finest ingredients essential oils and no alcohol
  • The wafer composed of bark of treesand leaves
  • The ingredients are considered to be GRAS
  • Ozone frindly
  • 30 Day Refill

Wish Scent memorable and pleasant fragrances

White tea, Lavender, Green Tea Lemongrass, Apple, Orange Frosty, Spring Time, Golden Mango, Coconut Lemon Grass, Ocean Breeze, Pina Colada,Lilac, Berry Blast, Lemon, Cherry, Red Raspberry.

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